Vulnerability is out now! Click here to listen.

Vulnerability is my fifth studio work and my third full length record.

It’s a 10 track album named after both my most vulnerable and raw season of life to date and the feeling that remains embarking on a journey outward from it.

These songs, I hope, will provide you with an opportunity to feel and to be raw again in your own prayer life. Because I’m realising after all these years that for me, song is prayer, and my songs have always been a way for me to let out of my soul what my mind can’t formulate.

They’re my most honest prayers. Prayers I didn’t even know I needed to pray until I heard them myself.

By pre-ordering this record you’re helping me create the physical art to sit alongside the digital. Something I feel still deeply matters in today’s world. Maybe even more so than ever.

Here’s a peek at the track list:

  1. Already Home

  2. Oh My Love

  3. Stay

  4. Here

  5. Holding On

  6. Love & Mystery

  7. The Streets (ft. John Mark McMillan)

  8. Be Your Sign (ft. Josh Garrels)

  9. Love You Still

  10. Never Alone

I can’t wait for you all to hear it.



‘the streets’ ft. John Mark McMillan


‘Already Home’