A Book of Prayer, Poetry and contemplations

by Strahan Coleman

We’re all moving in some direction, spiritually speaking...

 …Language helps us navigate that path - it gives expression to the magnetism within us drawing us toward this or that. If prayer is to be anything more than breathing, and I believe it is, it’s a way of finding language for that movement - of pairing up with it, wrestling with it and relating to it - to Him - in the daily rhythms of honesty…


…This first volume of poetic prayer is an opportunity to meet with god and wait with him in that space - to devote moments, creatively, reflectively and communally, where God can become more than just an idea - where He can become an intimate, a confidante, and a friend.

What Others Are Saying About Prayer Vol.01

“From time memorial, poetry had been the carrier for God’s people’s prayers to come home to God himself. On the pages of this beautiful book of poems and prayers, I meet God. So can you.”

John Mark Comer - This Cultural Moment Podcast / Bridgetown Church Portland

“Strahan has plumbed a deep well of song and poetry in the midst of, and as a result of, personal pain and suffering. Struck down but not destroyed, he reminds himself, and us, where our help truly comes from”

Josh Garells - singer-songwriter / poet

“Strahan is a gifted communicator with a passionate desire for people to encounter God more deeply through prayer and poetry. I know that this offering of heartfelt words comes from his own deep journey of wrestling with God, and will be a balm to many wounded hearts trying to find their way back to the Father”

Scottie Reeve - 21 Elephants (book & podcast) / Blueprint Church

“What Strahan has created will help the busy soul to press pause and detox by providing a way of connecting with God that evokes a response…[his] book of prayer leads us to listening and connecting in a fresh way with words that have been formed out of very real pain and even angusih. I have learned to trust those with scars, and rightfully so. May these words speak to you, as they are speaking to me.”

Aaron Hardy - Te Rautini