The Life & Times of 'Prayer & Vulnerability'

A lot can happen in a life.

Being a writer, a musician or in the smallest way possible a public figure, can force one to think about that life and how it’s articulated maybe more than most. For me albums come from a deep within. A place I’m sometime’s not even aware of where words just flow out and only later do I really grasp what was going on in me at the moment they came.

Have you ever experienced that before? When you don’t know what you’re feeling until you’ve said it out loud?

I had a decision to make with this album. I’d written three full records worth of songs from three distinct parts of myself between ‘Out of Exile’ and today, and when I made the decision to hit the studio I sent all three options to my co-producer, Jon. But when I sat with it, when I asked myself what the most honest thing for me to say would be, ‘Vulberability’ was the clear choice.

Maybe because if we don’t turn to face things, if we don’t process and acknowledge them when the moment is ripe, we can miss out on the wisdom and thankfulness that flows from recognition. Someone told me this a few weeks ago in different words when they said about my podcast, “It’s not necessarily what you say that has moved me so much, but that you’re saying it at all while you’re still in the middle of it. Not after.”

This kind of open processing puts us artists on the edge of our seat. But it’s also the reason we do it, to connect our humanity with others in the hope of revealing our shared condition to be all the more beautiful.

Vulnerability to me isn’t about being sad, or even telling everything you are or have been going through to all those around you. I’m not going to be doing that with you and nor do I think it would be wise.

Vulnerability to me, is a way of acknowledging what you do have and who you really are as opposed to what you’d like to have and who you’d like to be.

Maybe in it’s purest definition vulnerability is just honesty. Not just honesty about the bad things we experience but about the reality of hope too. It’s just as vulnerable a thing to have hope as to express not having it. Vulnerability isn’t always related to negative experiences for that exact reason. We all know that we are never more vulnerable than the moment we open up to someone and tell them we love them.

Prayer & Vulnerability is my opening up to God when I felt I had no more reason to trust and hope. It’s a book and an album that let you in on that process and you’ll find, I believe, a huge amount of hope and rest in the art that those moments produced.

I hope you can hear in these songs, prayers and poems that there are more options than just cynicism or naievty. I personally believe that we’re watching a generation finally learning to open it’s heart in vulnerability to God again. That our prayers are becoming more real as we lose our pretence and our need to be right.

My hope is that you’ll hear that in this work, that somehow it can provide new language for you too. That it may offer you a little optimism in a generation that feels like it’s being torn in the direction of bizarre extremes.

Maybe none of this makes sense to you.

I have a feeling if you’ve gone through anything of what I have, it will.

So, here’s to talking together and to a new way of being, seeing and moving through our world together.